It all starts with

The Ambiance

You are where you eat

Your hostess for the evening will greet you, escort you to your table, and take care of you throughout your time with us.

Whether you are joining us for a quick bite after work, a leisurely dinner with the girls, date night, an important business meeting, or a special occasion – there is something here for everyone.

Our multi award winning Consultant Master Chef Stephen Gomes is credited as being among the first chefs to experiment with natural food science in his dishes. A passionate advocate of molecular gastronomy, Stephen uses innovative techniques to create stunning dishes, which push the boundaries of traditional cooking; the resulting dishes have a unique identity.

Advocates of seasonality and local produce, our superbly prepared dishes encompass all five traditionally recognized methods of sense: hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste – each combining to provide you with a unique gastronomic experience.

With the right infusion of flavours food could, and should, be magical.

In something

You need to believe

Great Things

Come in small quantities

Great Things



Your Eyes

Are just as important

Your Eyes

We all know that the way to the soul is through the eyes not the mouth.




Is the best chef


We just need to listen