It’s all an act…

It’s all an act…


Join us in a pre-show dinner of our own.

Pre-show Dinner
SisterAct is showing in the Paget Rooms
18th – 21st May 2016
Why not join us for our very own performance at 5.00pm
Indulge in our exciting entertaining menu specially named after the characters in Sister Act


To get you in the spirit of the show we will be playing all the tunes from the show.  We have named our courses after the colourful characters in the musical.  
We will be offering a special menu for these three days with one sitting at 5.00pm, to ensure you are in your seats ready for the performance.

With guest appearances from:-
Deloris Van Cartier
Bishop O’Hara
Sister Mary Patrick,
Lt Eddie Souther
A bit of Holy Smoke
Communion Wine

It’s all about the theatre darling…

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